WestJet Announces Spring Status Match Campaign

By Ryan Long Mar 28, 2023

WestJet, Canada’s second-largest airline, has launched a status match program to attract frequent flyers from other airlines. The program offers travelers the opportunity to match their elite status with WestJet Rewards Silver, Gold, or Platinum status. You must enroll by April 30th to be eligible and you’ll enjoy the tier matched status until June 30th, 2023, for up to 90 days of matched status if you register soon.

The WestJet Status Match program is available to members of both Air Canada and Porter loyalty programs and matches based on the following:

  • WestJet Silver will be awarded to anyone with valid status of Aeroplan 25K or VIPorter Venture
  • WestJet Gold will be awarded to anyone with valid status of of Aeroplan 35K, Aeroplan 50K, Aeroplan 75K, or VIPorter Ascent
  • WestJet Platinum will be awarded to anyone with valid status of of Aeroplan Super Elite status or VIPorter First

To be eligible for a status match, travelers must have earned elite status with another airline’s frequent flyer program, and have flown at least one round-trip flight on that airline within the last 12 months. The elite status must be valid at the time of the status match request.

Once a traveler is approved for the WestJet Status Match program, they will receive the equivalent WestJet Rewards status for a period of 90 days. During this time, travelers will have the opportunity to earn WestJet Rewards points and extend their status for another year.

To keep your WestJet Rewards Silver, Gold, or Platinum status for the rest of 2023, travelers must meet the following requirements:

  • Silver status, you’ll only need to have $750 in tier qualifying spend
  • Gold status, you’ll only need to have $1,250 in tier qualifying spend
  • Platinum status, you’ll only need to have $2,000 in tier qualifying spend

Qualifying WestJet flights include any flights operated by WestJet, WestJet Encore, or WestJet Link.

WestJet Rewards members enjoy a variety of benefits, including priority check-in and boarding, complimentary checked bags, lounge access, and more. Elite members also earn bonus WestJet Rewards dollars on flights and hotel bookings, as well as priority access to call centers and a dedicated customer care team.

The WestJet Status Match program is a great opportunity for travelers to experience the benefits of elite status with a new airline. With a variety of ways to earn and maintain status, WestJet Rewards is a loyalty program worth considering for frequent flyers.

Background on Westjet

WestJet Airlines is a Canadian airline that was founded in 1996. The airline was started by a group of entrepreneurs led by Clive Beddoe, who aimed to create an airline that would provide affordable air travel to Canadians. Initially, the airline had just three aircraft and flew only to five destinations in western Canada.

WestJet started off as a low-cost carrier, and it continued to focus on providing affordable air travel to Canadians. The airline’s early success can be attributed to its low fares, friendly customer service, and on-time performance. The airline was also able to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering in-flight snacks and beverages for free.

In 2000, WestJet made its first foray into the international market by launching flights to Las Vegas. The airline continued to expand its international network, and by 2009, it was flying to over 70 destinations in North America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

One of the key drivers of WestJet’s success has been its culture. The airline has always prided itself on being a fun, friendly, and innovative company. WestJet’s employees, who are known as “WestJetters,” are encouraged to be themselves and to have fun at work. This culture has helped to create a loyal customer base, with many passengers choosing to fly with WestJet simply because they enjoy the experience.

In 2005, WestJet launched a loyalty program called WestJet Rewards. The program allowed customers to earn points for every dollar spent on flights, which could then be redeemed for free flights, vacation packages, and other rewards. The program was a huge success, and it helped to cement WestJet’s position as a customer-focused airline.

In 2006, WestJet made a bold move by launching its own regional carrier, WestJet Encore. The new airline was designed to serve smaller communities that were not being served by larger airlines. WestJet Encore started off with just two aircraft, but it quickly expanded and now operates over 30 aircraft on over 50 routes across Canada and the United States.

Another important milestone in WestJet’s history was the launch of its first wide-body aircraft, the Boeing 767, in 2015. The new aircraft allowed WestJet to offer long-haul flights to Europe and Hawaii. The airline also introduced a new premium economy cabin called Plus, which offered additional legroom, priority boarding, and other amenities.

In 2017, WestJet announced that it was launching a new ultra-low-cost carrier called Swoop. The new airline was designed to compete with other ultra-low-cost carriers like Spirit Airlines and Ryanair. Swoop started off with just a handful of routes, but it quickly expanded and now operates over 30 routes across Canada, the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

In 2018, WestJet was acquired by Onex Corporation, a Canadian private equity firm. The acquisition was a major milestone for WestJet, as it provided the airline with access to additional resources and expertise. Since the acquisition, WestJet has continued to expand its network and improve its customer service.

Today, WestJet is one of the largest airlines in Canada, with a fleet of over 130 aircraft and over 100 destinations worldwide. The airline continues to focus on providing affordable air travel to Canadians, while also offering a high level of customer service and innovation. With its strong culture, loyal customer base, and commitment to innovation, WestJet is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the years to come.