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Our site is built to help Canadians compare all the different financial products in Canada from banking to investingmortgagescredit cards, accounting software and much more. When it comes to finances in Canada, there is a lot to learn, which is why the team behind writes comprehensive and in-depth guides to help you understand everything there is to know in an easy-to-understand format. We’ve also partnered with some great finance, real estate and investing professionals in Canada to bring you informative articles, advice and insights into innovative products in our financial blog.

Our Picks – Best Finance Products in Canada for 2020

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One of the main things we do here at is compare Canadian financial products so we can help you find the best product for your needs in a clear and concise manner.  Well we’ve reviewed a great deal of products across a wide variety of categories, there are some clear winners that come to the top from each financial product suite.  Below is a compilation of products that we feel offer the best value for Canadian consumers from each of our most important product review sections.

Banking Products & New Account Offers

banking products
Banking – as an essential part of life choosing the right bank account can mean the difference between saving and paying unnecessary fees.  These days, there is a lot of variety in Canadian banking products so consumers have good flexibility in choosing the right bank based on their transaction volume and other needs. Because the marketplace for new accounts is very competitive, there is also a lot of incentives offered for opening a new account with a Canadian bank. Below are some of the best offers we’ve been able to find:

Best Bank Products in Canada
Tangerine Savings Account – 2.15% Interest + $200 Payroll Bonus
Scotiabank Chequing Accounts – Up To $300 Bonus for New Customers.
TD Chequing Accounts – Up To $300 Cash Bonus for New Clients.

Credit Cards & Signup Point Promos

credit card products

Credit Cards – the credit card market in Canada has changed drastically in the last 10 years and now there are much more competitive card offerings available in the market.  While other countries have historically had many more options in terms of card issuers, companies like Amex have been leading the way introducing new and innovative products for Canadians.  Below is a look at some of the credit cards we currently feel are offering the best value in Canada whether it be via cash back, travel rewards or otherwise:

Best Credit Card Products in Canada
Tangerine Money Back Mastercard – Up To 2% Cash Back On Purchases.
American Express Platinum Card – 25,000 Bonus Bonus + Travel Perks.
American Express Cobalt Card – 30,000 Points Bonus, 5X Rewards For Dining.

Online Investment Brokers & Robo-Advisors

investment products

Investing – when it comes to finding and managing your investments as a Canadian, the advent of robo-advisors and DIY investing solutions have really modernized the market when it comes to investing.  These days, there are a massive range of financial products available to investors from mutual funds to stocks, ETF’s and a whole lot more.  Below we’ve compiled some of the investment products we prefer using with reasonable fees and intuitive interfaces:

Best Investment Products in Canada
CI Direct Investing Platform – Low Fee ETF Portfolios For Investors.
Questrade Self-Directed Brokerage – DIY Brokerage For Stocks, ETF’s & More.
Wealth Simple Robo-Advisor – Online Wealth Management Made Simple.

Tax Preparation & Filing Software

tax filing software
Tax Filing Software – as something we all need to deal with, managing taxes is something that has (thankfully) become much easier over the years due to improved technology and electronic filing.  These days, most Canadians use some form of tax software to help compile their return and send it to the Canada Revenue Agency.  Below we’ve taken a look at some of the more popular software used by individuals and small business in Canada:

Best Tax Filing Software Products in Canada
Turbo Tax – Most Popular Software, Works for People & Businesses.
Simple Tax – A Free Solution for Individual Tax Filers.

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