Aeroplan Launches 50% Miles Back Promotion For Bookings Until October

The promotions keep stacking up from loyalty brands around the world affected by Covid-19 and Aeroplan is no exception.  Today, Aeroplan announced one of (if not the) most generous promotion it has ever had – 50% back on Aeroplan redemptions.  This means that point redemption flights (Canada/US only) booked between June 17 and July 1 (for travel July 1 to Oct 15) will be eligible to receive 50% miles back after the flight is complete.  Essentially, all Aeroplan redemptions in Canada and the US are 50% off from July until October offering incredible value.

You don’t need to register for this promo but more info is available via this link that explains the full details. Below we’ve provided more details on the promo as well as its terms & conditions.

The Redemption Options Are Endless

Even though travel is still restricted to the US at least until July 21, this promo is still an awesome move by Aeroplan to attract new bookings.  Let’s take a look at some of the different routings and why the promotion offers unbelievable value versus regular redemption pricing:

Roundtrip RouteRegular PointsPromotionPromo (Business Class)
Toronto – Montreal15,0007,50015,000
Toronto – Vancouver25,00012,50025,000
Montreal – Las Vegas25,00012,50025,000
Montreal – Los Angeles25,00012,50025,000
Halifax – Toronto25,00012,50025,000

As you can see from the chart above, this is a massive savings for Aeroplan members who I am sure are looking to do some domestic travel to visit family between now and the fall since we’ve all been cooped up for such a long time.

The only big caveat I could find with this promotion is that obviously it only applies to Air Canada flights, meaning Star Alliance options like United (needed to get to places like Hawaii) aren’t an option.  Even though that’s the case, you can pretty much get just about anywhere in North America and be within striking distance of Mexico or Hawaii for a massive discount.

You also need to have the regular required amount of points in your account since you only get the miles back after the flight has been completed so it’s not an up front discount.  We’re not sure why Aeroplan did it this way versus just doing a straight up discount but we speculate it’s something to do with the redemption system and it being easier to do batches of 50% points back rather than discounting all flights in the system.

Terms & Conditions Of The Promotion

To qualify for this promotion:

  • You must be an Aeroplan Member. If you are not an Aeroplan Member, you can visit the Aeroplan web site ( and enroll today. Membership is free.
  • Only valid on eligible scheduled flights within Canada and between Canada and the US, operated by Air Canada for travel between July 1st 2020 and completed by October 15th 2020.
  • Applies only to new bookings made between June 17th 2020 and July 1st 2020 at 19:59 EDT with travel starting July 1st 2020 and completed by October 15th 2020.
  • All flights on the reward itinerary must be flown on routes within Canada or between Canada and the US, on Air Canada operated flights including flights operated by Air Canada Rouge® and the Air Canada Express® banner (Jazz Aviation LP, Sky Regional Airlines Inc., or Exploits Valley Air Services LTD).
  • Aeroplan Miles will be credited back to your account within three weeks after the qualifying flights are completed.
  • Applies to one-way or two-way fixed mileage and market fare flight rewards. Not applicable to Star Alliance Upgrade Awards, AC Bid upgrades or when members use their miles to pay for the taxes, fees and surcharges associated with their flight reward.
  • Flight rewards are subject to availability at time of booking. Taxes, fees, charges and carrier surcharges apply.
  • Flights are subject to Aeroplan Flight Rewards terms and conditions.
  • Offer is subject to change at Aeroplan’s sole discretion, without notice. Other conditions and restrictions may apply.
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