About Finances.ca

Finances.ca has been around since 2000 but was acquired and revamped in 2020 to become the best information resource for Canadians looking for news and advice on finances.  While there are some good information sites available in the market, we felt that there wasn’t a one-stop-shop to get all of your financial information from a reliable and trustworthy source.  That’s why we’ve compiled an expert team of writers to help bring you innovative and exciting content each day.  Below you’ll find some more information on our team and all the people that help make Finances.ca work.

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, please email us at business(AT)finances.ca and someone from our management team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Team

Our regular columnists are the lifeblood of Finances.ca and help to bring our readers regular stories to enjoy.  Below you’ll an overview of the professionals that publish regular columns for Finances.ca. If you’d like to write for us please get in touch as we’re always looking for new contributors that are passionate about writing on finance for our Canadian audience.

Veronica Ott
Veronica Ott attended Western University for accounting and obtained her CPA shortly after. Veronica owns and operates her own writing business with a specialization in personal finance, accounting and business related content. In her spare time, Veronica enjoys reading, listening to music, working out and catching up on TV shows.
Kiril Nikolaev
Kiril is a CFA Charterholder who is passionate about the financial markets and analyzing different opportunities for investors. He specializes in researching and reporting on equities, ETFs, mutual funds as well as providing broad commentary on different market trends. He also teaches people about investing basics at InvestorAcademy.org.
Graham Rowlands
Graham is a licensed real estate agent and property investor based in Toronto who covers all of our real estate editorial on the website. As one of the leading agents in Canada, Graham brings our readers innovative content on the Canadian real estate market. You can find out more about him and his services by visiting his website: www.torontocondos.org
Joanna Angelos
Joanna worked in management in the retail banking sector in Canada for over 20 years and brings a vast knowledge of the banking system to our readers. Her columns focus on all aspects of banking in Canada from account promotions to bank analysis and much more. Nowadays Joanna has retired from her role in banking and focuses on financial writing.
Hailey Ruben
Hailey covers all things related to Canadian credit cards and loyalty programs for our readers. A native of Calgary, Hailey travels frequently for business and is a points enthusiast who maximizes her credit card spends to ensure lots of free vacations and business class flights! She contributes a weekly column aimed at helping Canadians earn points.

Finance Guide Contributors

In addition to our regular columnists, we also work with a number of freelance writers to help bring visitors in-depth finance guides on a variety of topics.  Below are just some of the many freelancers we’ve engaged to help craft various financial guides on the website:

Our Other Writers & Guide Contributors
Drew DavisKatharine RochemontMandy Poole
Richard WardAbraham ShortDaisy Mae